The 17 Greatest Sports Rants of All-Time

richard sherman best sports rants all-time

Football fans across America didn’t really need another reason to root for the Broncos and against the Seahawks in Super Bowl XLVIII. Everyone already hated the Seahawks and their fans. But apparently Richard Sherman wasn’t convince, and he wanted to be absolutely sure that his team was the most hated team in the NFL. So, after Seattle beat San Francisco on Sunday night, he went on that epic rant against Michael Crabtree during his interview with Erin Andrews.

Classless? Unsportsmanlike? Entertaining? Hilarious? Personally I think, yes, it was all of the above. And that’s what makes it one of of the greatest rants in the history of pro sports. But where does it rank among all the other epic rants we’ve seen over the years? Well, that’s the question we’re asking today. And if you want our answer, then take a look at our complete rankings.

Obviously, this list is completely correct, as usual. However, if you really think we missed one, by all means leave a comment and let us know.

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