Richard Sherman Went Off on Fox Deportes Before His Epic Rant with Erin Andrews (Video)

Richard Sherman on Fox Deportes

It’s only been a few days since Richard Sherman rocked worlds with his intense post-victory interview with Erin Andrews, in which be brought trash talk and psychological warfare to a whole new level on national TV. But some intrepid fans have discovered an interview he gave to Fox Deportes (Fox Sports‘ Spanish language division) immediately before the one that made headlines Monday morning.

In the earlier interview, Sherman is just as pumped up as he was with Andrews, and wasn’t any kinder to now-immortal rival Michael Crabtree. But the interview does depart from the one we know and love in some interesting ways – for one, it’s a walk-and-talk, and Sherman is paying even less attention to this interviewer than he did to Andrews. Another interesting tidbit can be seen at the very end hugging Erin Andrews before their interview, which might put everything in a little different light.

You can watch Richard Sherman’s Fox Deportes prelude to his famous post-game interview for yourself below. Be sure to take the time to appreciate its subtle nuances and differences in texture with the previous work. And also be sure to watch Sherman at the Super Bowl, since you know everyone else in the world will be.


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