Detroit High School QB Has MSU Scholarship Revoked After Body Slamming School Security Guard (Videos)

jayru campbell

Detroit Cass Tech quarterback Jayru Campbell was one of the Detroit area’s top football prospects and had committed verbally to play at Michigan State in 2015, which is pretty great considering MSU’s ascendancy to the top of the Big Ten.

Unfortunately, Jayru Campbell is not one of the Detroit area’s top prospect anymore—not after body slamming a school security officer and getting arrested and charged with assault and battery.

We don’t know exactly what led to the altercation. All we know is that on Wednesday, as school was being dismissed, Campbell got into some sort of dispute and ended up seriously assaulting a security guard. And of course, this being the year 2014, it was all caught on camera.

Take a look:

This wasn’t the first violent outbreak from Campbell, either. In the fall, the kid was suspended for a game for punching an opposing player in the handshake line after the game. That incident was not caught on video, but the aftermath—in which one of the Detroit Cass coaches literally had to tackle Campbell to keep the fight from escalating—is visible around the 40-second mark.

Check it out:

So yeah, regardless of whether this leads to Campbell’s expulsion from Detroit Cass Tech, I don’t think he’s going to be playing football at Michigan State in 2015. Urban Meyer will probably give him a look, though. He likes taking on troubled youth.

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