MMA Fighter Kaitlin Young Looks Like Frankenstein’s Monster After Gruesome Training Injury (Pics)

kaitlin young mma nasty gash forehead

There’s no doubt that MMA is one of the most violent and bloody pro sports on earth. That being said, you rarely see injuries quite like the one sustained by Kaitlin Young of women’s MMA promotion Invicta FC. Dislocated joints? Legs broken in half? Yes. But gashes to the forehead that look like you were attacked by Sweeney Todd? No.

According to Young, this gash happened during training. She dodged her sparring partner’s jab but ended up moving right into his knee.

MMA writer Adam Martin brought this bit of nastiness to our attention on Twitter:

kaitlin young invicta mma gash tweet

Then, later on, Young tweeted out a post-stitches pic to let everyone know her brain didn’t fall out:

kaitlin young tweet stitches mma injury

Of course, this was a pretty nasty cut. But the nastiest Adam Martin has ever seen? That’s cute. The dude should watch more hockey.

Hat Tip – [Cage Potato]

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