Richard Sherman Talks to the Media About His Post-Game Rant and Being Called a “Thug” (Videos)

richard sherman press conference

When a guy talks trash after a big victory the way Richard Sherman did, it’s your prerogative to call that classless. Some people might say he was just expressing his emotions—the very same ones that we like to see in players during the actual game—after the biggest play and biggest win of his career. But others would disagree. They might say it’s one thing to talk trash before and during a game to psych yourself up, but once the game is over it’s time to respect your opponent. After all, if your opponent wasn’t worthy, what makes your victory so special?

So yes, up to a point, the criticism Sherman received was fair. However, a lot of people simply went too far by calling Sherman a thug, because it doesn’t take a degree in sociology to understand that there are racial undertones to that particular line of criticism.

Just imagine for a moment that a white man said the exact same words. Would people be calling him a thug? That’s doubtful. People might call him all sorts of other things—arrogant, douchebag, asshole—but they wouldn’t call him a thug.

The fact is, Sherman may be an arrogant prick on the field, but he’s anything but a thug. The guy actually earned his B.A. while playing football at Stanford, then used his final year of NCAA eligibility to stay and begin work on a Masters degree rather than jump to the NFL and start making millions of dollars. How many NFL players do you see doing stuff like that?

In any case, yesterday Sherman finally addressed the media at length about the firestorm he started on Sunday night, and he had some pretty interesting thoughts on it all.

Here he is talking about the overall reaction to his post-game rant:

And here he is addressing the whole “thug” issue, theorizing about what people actually mean when they use that word:

I’m on Sherman’s side here. Call him a classless bum all you want. But don’t call him a thug.

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