Christian Ponder Washes Hair in CVS Parking Lot, Wife Samantha Puts Video on Instagram (Video)

christian ponder washing hair in CVS parking lot

Despite being the not-so-great (soon-to-be former?) quarterback for the hapless Minnesota Vikings, Christian Ponder is still a pretty lucky guy. After all, he’s married to a very beautiful woman who also just so happens to know a hell of a lot about football. And that’s pretty much every man’s dream, is it not?

Of course, while I’m sure Ponder is still really grateful for wife Samantha Ponder on the whole, he probably wishes she wouldn’t take videos of him doing less-than-sophisticated things and post them on Instagram—you know, things like washing his hair in a CVS parking lot.

That’s what Mrs. Ponder did yesterday, anyway. Samantha and her hubby were going to a wedding but they were running late because his flight was late, so on the way they stopped at a CVS so the guy could buy a gallon of water and wash his hair. Then Samantha put it on Instagram to show everyone why her man looks so fine.

Take a look:

Okay, actually, that’s pretty funny. These two are, like, totally adorable.

Also, let’s be honest—if I were married to Samantha, she could put photos of me in ladies’ underwear on Instagram and I wouldn’t care.

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