The Dallas Stars Trolled the Hell Out of the Toronto Maple Leafs Last Night (Pics)

dallas stars trolling maple leafs justin bieber copy

Anyone who remembers the little Twitter feud between the Dallas Stars and Dallas Cowboys last January knows the folks in the Stars marketing team are not messing around. The Cowboys, you may recall, tweeted about the end of the NHL lockout saying nobody cared, so the Stars tweeted back a picture of Mike Madono holding the cup along with the sweetest Tony Romo burn of all-time: “At least our #9 got the job done…”

It should really come as no surprise, therefore, that the Stars took advantage of the fact that they happened to be hosting the Toronto Maple Leafs on the very day that (former?) Canadian heartthrob Justin Bieber got arrested in Miami for being a sh*thead. You see, the Biebs, being from Southern Ontario, is a Leafs fan. So obviously the Stars put his mugshot up on the jumbotron, then tweeted about it:

dallas stars trolling maple leafs justin bieber

Then, at the end of the second period, with the home team up 6-1, they put this on their Instagram:

justin bieber dallas stars instagram trolling

And finally, with the score now 7-1 in the third period, the Stars decided to really go for the Toronto jugular by making fun of the city’s foul-mouthed crack-smoking mayor. Because yes, Rob Ford is a huge Leafs fan, too…Literally:

dallas stars rob ford jumbotron

Well done, Dallas Stars. The Leafs only come to town once a year, and you gave ’em hell.

Hat Tip – [For the Win]

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