Big Shot by High School Basketball Player with Special Needs Sparks Huge Push to Get Him on SportsCenter (Video)

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Over the last several years, we’ve seen a number of moving stories about young amateur athletes with special needs getting the chance to play the sports they love. However, usually the story is about the great lengths their classmates, teammates, coaches, and communities went in order to simply get them in the game. Sometimes it’s about a coach putting the equipment manager in the last game of the season, and sometimes it’s about a team conspiring with their opponent to let one of their players score a touchdown. But that’s usually the gist of it—awesome people conspire to give awesome kid an awesome experience.

The feel-good story that developed this week in Texas, however, is a little different. It’s not so much about how the Bandera High School basketball team gave Milam Boyle a chance to play, or how he hit the game-winning shot. Yes, they did give him a chance to play, and yes he did hit a pretty great shot. But the real story is about how the school and the community responded to Parker’s shot.

You see, Boyle has a “minor developmental disability,” and after he hit a bucket in the fourth quarter of his team’s 68-44 win on Tuesday, the kids at his school immediately started a social media campaign to get the kid on SportsCenter.

Now, quite frankly, the shot really is not worthy of SportsCenter in and of itself. It wasn’t a buzzer-beater, and it wasn’t a half-court shot. What is worthy of SportsCenter, however, is the fact that everyone knows how much it would mean to Milam to be on SportsCenter and they wanted him to experience that thrill.

The social media push started with his own school. Then it grew to other schools in the district. Then it caught the attention of the San Antonio Spurs, who invited Boyle to a game and sent out this tweet:

spurs tweet

Now, thanks to the Spurs and the kids at Milam’s school, thousands of people have lit up social media sites with the hashtag #GetMilamOnSportsCenter, which is pretty amazing.

So come on, SportsCenter. Make it happen already.

Hat Tip – [Bleacher Report]

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