Watch Kids Reenacting Richard Sherman’s Post-Game Rant (Video)

kids reenact richard sherman rant

You’re probably sick and tired of this whole Richard Sherman controversy (or non-controversy) by now. You’ve been hearing about it all week at work, on the news, on the radio, on social media, and, obviously, on sports blogs.

However, before you swear off reading anything else about the post-game rant heard ’round the world, just have a look at one last thing—specifically, this video of kids reenacting it.

Get it? It’s funny because it’s a bunch of cute wholesome white kids from the suburbs (note the white picket fence) saying things that an angry black man said. Hilarious!

In all seriousness, FOX, are you telling me you couldn’t get any black, asian, or latino kids just to balance things out a little? I don’t know if you guys noticed, but this whole thing has stirred up a bit of racial tension, with people wondering whether the tone of the criticism directed at Sherman has to do with the color of his skin. Were you trying to piss people off?

Actually, yeah, that’s probably it.

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