Team Rice Defeats Team Sanders in the Pro Bowl on a Game-Winning Two-Point Conversion (GIFs)

pro bowl 2014 celebration two point conversion

So apparently the NFL put on this thing called a “Pro Bowl” yesterday. It’s basically like those All-Star Games all the other sports leagues have only it matters even less, because the very best players in the game aren’t there because they’re busy getting ready to play in the Super Bowl, and because nobody really wants to try that hard and risk getting hurt and ruining their already precarious careers. Nevertheless, I did a little research—because I’m an intrepid sports blogger—and it turns out they actually play this “Pro Bowl” every year. Who knew?

Anyway, yesterday’s Pro Bowl was played “schoolyard” style with two captains taking turns picking players. The captains in this case were Hall of Famers Jerry Rice and Deion Sanders—but no, they did not play. Although they probably could have, and that would have been awesome.

So who won the game? Well, after a combined eight turnovers, including six interceptions, Team Rice emerged victorious. They defeated Team Sanders 22-21 on a TD pass from KC’s Alex Smith to Dallas’ DeMarco Murray and a two-point conversion from Carolina RB Mike Tolbert with 0:41 left in the game—because you don’t play for overtime in the Pro Bowl…unless you are John Fox. (Burn!)

Take a look. I apologize in advance if the Team Sanders uniforms give you seizures:

pro bowl two point conversion

pro bowl cam newton celebration

Well done, Team Rice. You’ve achieved football immortality by winning the Pro Bowl!

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