Mexican Alpine Skier Will Wear Mariachi-Themed Suit at 2014 Winter Olympics (Pics)

As you probably know, Mexico doesn’t really do winter sports. As a result, they don’t really do the Winter Olympics.

Oh sure, Mexico had a pretty good run from 1988 to 1992. At those games they sent relatively huge teams and competed in alpine skiing, nordic skiing, bobsleigh, and figure skating. But before that and since, their teams have consisted of just one person: Hubertus Hohenlohe.

If that doesn’t sound like a Mexican name to you, that’s because it isn’t. Hubertus is actually a prince from Germany, born into a wealthy family of industrialists and socialites. However, Hubertus was born in Mexico City when his father was running the Volkswagen factory there, so he is a Mexican citizen. And, since 1984, the man who calls Austria home has been competing for Mexico at the Winter Olympics.

Why do I bring all this up? Because this week it has been revealed that, in Sochi, the 55-year-old Olympian (no joke, he is 55) will be wearing the most awesome uniform in Olympic history. Behold:

hubert hohenlohe olympic ski uniform

hubertus von hohenlohe uniform

That’s right. Hubertus Hohenlohe will be wearing a mariachi race suit.

Here’s what the photographer/pop singer/alpine skier/documentary filmmaker (i.e. rich guy who does just about whatever he wants) had to say about the suit in an interview with NBC:

Until I went to Mexico recently to make a documentary, I never realized what a beautiful, amazing, rich past and culture they have and what a proud people they are. It actually moved me to see how much they suffered and how much they fought for what they have. The power to have your own identity is so strong and something I believe in so I want to give it a go in a very cool, elegant way. I want to celebrate who they are, but of course in my own style.

So there you have it. Keep an eye out for him in a few weeks…not that you’ll have to look very hard.

Hat Tip – [ESPN]

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