Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Shows His Supports For The Denver Broncos (Video)

mayor rob ford wearing broncos jersey

As you probably know, Rob Ford isn’t your typical crack smoker. He’s also the mayor of the fourth-largest city in North America, and a HUGE sports nut—by which I mean he is both avid and corpulent.

You might recall the time he played a little touch football (and took a hilarious spill) outside Toronto City Hall when the city hosted the CFL’s Grey Cup…or the time he challenged Hulk Hogan to an arm wrestling match (and “won”)…or the time he apologized for smoking crack in one of his drunken stupors while wearing a vintage NFL tie…or the time he talked about the abundance of oral sex he gets from his wife while wearing a Toronto Argonauts jersey…or the time he went to the Buffalo Bills game in Toronto and stole some dude’s seat…or the time he had a member of his mayoral staff write a letter to the Toronto Maple Leafs asking for help in locating a Leafs jersey large enough to comfortably fit the mayor’s rotund figure.

Now he’s added to this list of sports fanaticism by declaring his allegiance to the Denver Broncos in advance of Super Bowl XLVIII. And, of course, he didn’t just pick the Broncos or say that he was rooting for them, like a normal person. He went out and bought a Broncos jersey and wore it to work…as the Mayor of Toronto…on Monday morning.

Is casual Mondays a thing, now?

We have to give Ford some credit, though. The guy who wears #74 for the Super Bowl-bound Broncos is Orlando Franklin. And do you know where Orlando Franklin is from? That’s right. TorontoSo at least Rob is keeping it real and rooting for the home town kid.


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