Let’s All Watch Some British People Try to Explain the Super Bowl (Video)

british people explain the super bowl

I love football, and I love the Super Bowl. I consider it to be one of America’s great national holidays, just behind Thanksgiving and Independence Day.

Sure, everyone knows people who say they can’t stand the Super Bowl because it’s just so absurd and pointless, but that’s exactly the reason I love it. It makes no sense. People who don’t even know what team Peyton Manning used to play for invite people over to their house and bake cakes shaped like footballs. Huge international pop stars show up and give an eight-minute concert in the middle of the game. Companies spend millions of dollars to run a 30-second commercial. I mean seriously, WTF?

Of course, if you really want to appreciate the absurdity of the Super Bowl, what you really need to do is ask British people about it. Since we share a common language and our media and pop cultures sometimes overlap, they are aware that the Super Bowl is a thing that exists. However, they didn’t grow up completely enveloped by Super Bowl mania, and thus can see it for the truly bizarre spectacle that it is.

Just have a look at this little piece the folks over at Buzzfeed put together:

It’s not quite as good as the video we saw last year that featured British high school kids talking about football, but it’s still pretty solid.

Oh, and by the way, the majority of NFL kickers make less than $1 million per year. Silly Brits!

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