Jonathan Martin Finally Tells His Side of the Bullying Story to Tony Dungy on NBC’s ‘Today’ Show (Video)

jonathan martin interview with tony dungy

Hey, remember that whole Richie Incognito scandal? You know, the one where Miami Dolphins lineman Jonathan Martin quit the team and accused Incognito of bullying, then released a voicemail in which Incognito hurls a vile string of racial slurs at the guy?

Well, much to the NFL’s delight, we all started to forgot about that when the playoffs rolled around. Then the whole Richard Sherman thing happened, and we pretty much forgot completely.

You know who didn’t forget, though? Jonathan Martin…and the folks at NBC. He sat down for an interview with Tony Dungy that aired this morning on the Today show, and in it he finally tells his side of the story.

Take a look:

Interesting timing here. This could have run last week or the week before, but NBC waited until a few days before the Super Bowl.

Take that, FOX!

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