29 Awkward Winter Sports Fail GIFs

winter sports fail gifs

I’m sure the upcoming XXII Olympic Winter Games are going to features some truly incredible athletic performances that amaze and inspire us. However, the they will also certainly feature some truly epic fail, because, man, these sports are hard.

It’s not like the Winter athletes are just running and jumping and swimming, all of which come somewhat naturally to human beings. No, they’re flying down the side of a mountain with their feet strapped to a plank, or flying though the air doing summersaults, or sliding around on ice with razor sharp blades on their feet trying to do tricks. In all of these endeavors, the line between success and failure is razor thin.

So today, to get us all prepared for the 2014 Winter Games, here is a list of pretty awesome winter sports fails. Some of the athletes are highly skilled and some of them are not. However, they’re all really easy to laugh at from the comfort of your desk chair, so take a look.