Fox Sports 1’s Katie Nolan Defends Regis Philbin and Tears Rick Reilly a New One (Videos)

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See? What did I say yesterday? The only good stories to come out of Super Bowl media day are stories about the media itself. And this one is really good.

You see, ESPN columnist Rick Reilly got on SportsCenter for media day and did two really stupid things. First he confused Olympic gold medal gymnast Gabby Douglas with Congresswoman Gabby Giffords—you know, the one who survived being shot in the head. Then he did something less stupid but much more petty: he made fun of Regis Philbin.

Now Philbin, lest you weren’t aware, returned to television in August to join the cast of Fox Sports 1’s flailing Crowd Goes Wild. And if Reilly had made fun of the show’s ratings, well, those folks really wouldn’t have had much of a retort. But Reilly didn’t make fun of the show’s ratings. He made a personal attack on Philbin.

Take a look:

So how did Philbin respond? With silence, of course, because Regis is a classy guy. However, Regis’s co-host Katie Nolan absolutely shredded Reilly, the formerly great columnist who now writes nothing but formulaic schmaltz.


So yes, Katie Nolan is now your new favorite female sports correspondent.

As for Rick Reilly, don’t you worry about him. In time he will grow to love his additional a**hole. After all, it will enable him to produce columns at twice the rate he did before.

Hat Tip – [The Big Lead and Deadspin]


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