Here’s Terry Bradshaw Making a Ridiculous One-Handed Catch Before the NFC Championship Game (Video)

terry bradshaw catch

Back in the day, Terry Bradshaw was the quarterback who led the 1970s Pittsburgh Steelers dynasty to four Super Bowl championships. However, these days we know him more as the comic relief on Fox NFL Sunday—the guy who plays the foil for the smart analytical guy, Howie Long, and the guy who, on occasion, sticks his foot in his mouth.

A few weeks ago, however, if you happened to be glued to the tube during the pre-game show leading into the NFC Championship Game, you got a little glimpse at the old Bradshaw. While he was walking along the field before the game, a Seattle fan threw Bradshaw a football and the dude just reached up and pulled it down with one hand like a boss.

Take a look:

If Bradshaw hadn’t displaced Joe Gilliam as the Steelers QB, he could have made the team as a wide receiver.

Well, maybe a tight end. I don’t know about Bradshaw’s foot speed.


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