Derrick Coleman Surprises Hearing-Impaired Sisters with Tickets to the Super Bowl (Video)

derrick coleman surprises fans with super bowl tickets

Forget Russell Wilson.  This Derrick Coleman guy is making it really hard for me to despise the Seahawks like I’m supposed to. First he makes that powerful Duracell commercial about being the first legally deaf player in the history of the NFL. Then two little girls—twins with hearing impairments—wrote him a touching letter telling him he is their inspiration. And then Coleman wrote them a sweet letter back.

Now, just when you think, “okay, we’re done hearing about this awesome dude and can get back to villainizing the stupid Seahawks,” Coleman does it again. He surprises twins Riley and Erin, who live in Roxbury, New Jersey, with tickets for their entire family to go to Sunday’s big game.

Take a look:

Great work Derrick. You are awesome. Now will you please stop being such a kind, warm-hearted human being for a few days so I can root for Peyton Manning?

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