New Yorkers Hating on Joe Buck Makes For a Pretty Great Fake Super Bowl Promo (Video)

joe buck funny or die video

With the Super Bowl being back on FOX this year, that means it will once again be called by FOX’s number one baseball and football man, Joe Buck.

Chances are you don’t really care because you don’t love Joe Buck and you don’t hate him. However, there are people out there who cannot stand the guy. And of the haters, a third of them live in Minnesota (because of the whole “disgusting act” thing with Randy Moss) and the rest live in New York.

So what do New Yorkers have against Buck? Well, they think Joe hates the Yankees. And he probably does because, let’s face it, everybody outside New York hates the Yankees.

Anyway, since the big game is being played in the New York greater metropolitan area (i.e. New Jersey) this year, the folks over at Funny or Die decided to have a little fun with this.

Check it out:

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