Find Out How to Turn a $50 Bet on Super Bowl XLVIII into $710,923,613,350

super bowl bet

Are you a gambling man (or woman)?  Do you think it’s possible that FOX’s announcers will say “marijuana,” Richard Sherman will get an unnecessary roughness penalty, Peyton Manning will retire following the game, Bruno Mars will wear a hat during halftime, there will be a power outage, the MVP will thanks the owner first, there will be no touchdowns, and Duke Ihenacho will be the game’s Most Valuable Player?  Got at least $50 in your pocket that you’re willing to throw away?

If you’ve answered yes to all of the above questions, this could be your best chance ever at winning $710,923,613,350. Find out exactly how it all adds up by checking out Break’s article titled, “This $50 Super Bowl Bet Can Make You The World’s Richest Man.”

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