The 11 Best Quarterbacks Never to Win a Super Bowl

Best quarterbacks who never won a Super Bowl

So far 30 different quarterbacks have won the Super Bowl. Some of them—like Montana, Unitas, Bradshaw, Manning, and Brady—are NFL legends. Others—like Plunkett, Williams, Dilfer, and Johnson—are not. If Denver wins Super Bowl XLVIII on Sunday, Peyton Manning will have his second championship. However, if Seattle wins this exclusive club will induct a new member in Russell Wilson.

Of course, there is actually an even more exclusive club for elite NFL quarterbacks. Unfortunately, it’s a club nobody wants to join. I am talking about the “great quarterbacks who never won the Super Bowl” club. There are about 11 members, and today you’re going to meet them all.

Now, some of the members are obvious. Everyone knows Dan Marino, for example, never won the Super Bowl. However, is he the best quarterback to never win the Super Bowl? Well, to find that out your going to have to keep reading…


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