Broncos DE Shaun Phillips Got a Pretty Touching Text Mesage from His Son After Losing Super Bowl XLVIII (Pic)

shaun phillips crying

Losing a championship game is hard on any athlete, but it’s got to be especially hard on the Denver Broncos. They were Super Bowl favorites last year but lost in the divisional round of the playoffs to the Ravens. Then they responded with what was basically the greatest offensive season in the history of the NFL in 2013 and made it all the way to the big game…but got totally and utterly destroyed by the Seattle Seahawks.

If this were a team built around a young or even young-ish superstar, they could just try to shrug it off and say there’s always next year. But with Peyton Manning taking snaps behind center, that might not be true. The guy is 37 years old, and his arm could literally fall off at any second. The Broncos just don’t know if he has one more good, healthy season left in him. And so there may not be a next year for this team. And that has to be a major bummer.

It’s times like these, then, that Broncos players need to be reminded that their lives do not have to be defined by what they do on the gridiron. And for that reason, the text message DE Shaun Phillips received from his son Jaylen was just about the most heart-melting thing he ever experienced.

shaun phillips text message from son after super bowl xlviii

Phillips tweeted this picture and said, “Sorry we let you guys down. Messages like this is the [only] thing that make me feel better.”

When it’s all said and done, it doesn’t matter how many championships you’ve won if your own kids don’t look up to you.  Last night, Shaun Phillips was lucky to be reminded of that.

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