Here’s the ‘Seinfeld’ Super Bowl Commercial for ‘Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee’ (Video)

seinfeld super bowl commercial

There aren’t many big secrets when it comes to Super Bowl commercials anymore. Most of them either have “teasers” that give them away, or they’re just put on YouTube in their entirety before the big game is even played.

However, this year there was one Super Bowl commercial that came as a bit of a surprise. It’s not so much that we had no idea that Jerry Seinfeld and Jason Alexander were doing some kind of Seinfeld Super Bowl ad. For weeks there had been all these rumors about a secret Seinfeld project somehow involving Larry David. Then Seinfeld and Alexander were spotted outside “Tom’s Diner” in Manhattan, the sight of so many episodes of the famous sitcom. So people were figuring there would be some sort of Seinfeld reunion during the Super Bowl. But nobody knew what form it would take.

Well, during halftime last night we found out. It was a commercial for Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.

Take a look:

It may not have been worth the hype, but it didn’t suck. And yeah, now I kinda do want to check out the show. So I guess it worked.

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