Here Is Super Bowl XLVIII Recap in GIF Form

pete carroll gatorade shower

Heading into Super Bowl XLVIII, a lot of people were talking about how a win by the Denver Broncos would cement Peyton Manning‘s legacy as possibly the greatest quarterback of all-time. Not too many people were focusing on the opposite scenario, however, in which a win by the Seahawks against the potent Broncos offense would cement the Seattle defense’s legacy as one of the greatest of all-time. But last night, that’s what we got—definitive, unequivocal proof that the defense of the 2014 Seattle Seahawks, and the Legion of Boom secondary in particular, is one of the greatest in NFL history.

Sorry, Seahawks haters. But it’s the truth. Peyton Manning set new NFL records for passing yards and passing touchdowns this year, but last night the Seahawks held him to just one score—which, by the time it actually happened, seemed like a miracle—while forcing four turnovers, including a pick six.

In case you have a short memory, though, here are the game’s defining moments, preserved forever (or as long as the internet lasts) in animated GIF form.

First we have Kam Chancellor intercepting Peyton Manning’s duck at the end of the first quarter:

kam chancellor interception super bowl xlviii

Then we have Malcolm Smith intercepting another Peyton Manning duck at the end of the second quarter…and running it all the way back for a touchdown:

malcolm smith pick six super bowl xlviii

Next we have Percy Harvin telling the Broncos that they will not be staging a second-half comeback by returning the kickoff for a touchdown:

percy harvin kickoff return td super bowl xlviii

While here we have Jermaine Kearse scoring a touchdown because the Broncos don’t know how to tackle:

jermaine kearse touchdown super bowl xlviii

(I mean, that was some cute spinning, but come on.)

And here we have Doug Baldwin scoring a touchdown because the Broncos don’t know how to tackle:

doug baldwin touchdown super bowl xlviii

(That first evasion was nice, but they should have gotten him on the second and third attempts, no?)

And, last but not least, we have Pete Carroll basking in the glory and enjoying his Gatorade shower…because he knows that, in the NFL, championships cannot be vacated:

pete carroll gatorade shower super bowl xlviii

So that was Super Bowl XLVIII, everyone.

What’s that? I left something out? Oh, right. The safety on the first play from scrimmage. Yeah, let’s talk about that…

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