The 9 Biggest Super Bowl Blowouts of All-Time

biggest super bowl blowouts

I don’t know about you, but last night my Facebook newsfeed was completely dominated by people whining about Super Bowl XLVIII. The gist of these complaints? That this was the “worst” and/or “most boring” Super Bowl ever. 

Now, my immediate reaction to these complaints was that none of these people remembered the 80s and 90s, when pretty much every Super Bowl was a blowout. But then the Seahawks just kept on scoring, and the sad Broncos kept on not scoring, and pretty soon it became clear that these people were in fact right. In terms of shear competitiveness, this really was one of the worst Super Bowls of all-time. Sure, if you’re a hardcore football fan with an appreciation for history you might have enjoyed the game, because man was that Seattle defense impressive. For everyone else, though, Super Bowl XLVIII was a dud.

But just how bad was it? Where does the 2014 game rank on the list of biggest blowouts in Super Bowl history? Take a look at the list and find out.

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