Behold the Most Epic Super Bowl Commercial of All-Time (Video)

jamie casino commercial

Every year during the Super Bowl, a small block of ad time is reserved for local commercials. This year, in Savannah, Georgia, the entire two minutes was bought by one guy: personal injury Lawyer Jamie Casino.

Now, I think we’re all familiar with personal injury lawyer commercials. They’re cheap and low budget, and sometimes the lawyer is wearing a sling or an eye patch, which demonstrates to his prospective clients that he can truly feel their pain.

However, this was a personal injury lawyer commercial on steroids…and acid. There’s heavy metal music, amazing acting, flaming sledgehammers, and, best of all, an origin story.

Take a look:

Is that not the best? Jamie Casino’s brother was murdered, so he dedicated his life to…suing your boss because you injured your back at work. So hire him and he’ll take a FLAMING SLEDGE HAMMER TO THOSE MOTHERF%#[email protected]!!!

With all the play this commercial is getting, I can’t wait to see what he does next year.

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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