PornHub Statistics During Super Bowl Suggest Broncos Fans Weren’t Just Using Tissues for Tears

porn hub super bowl statistics

Nothing tells the story of a major sporting event quite like a graph that charts the volume of people pleasuring themselves to pornographic videos. And thankfully, as always, the folks over at PornHub were kind enough to provide such a graph for Super Bowl XLVIII.

That’s it above, obviously. It charts the PornHub traffic during the big game on Sunday in Seattle (blue line) and Denver (orange line).

As you can see, as kickoff approached, PornHub traffic in both cities dropped to way below average. Denver saw a 51% decrease from the average, while Seattle saw a 61% decrease.

Then, right around halftime, PornHub traffic in both cities went up a bit. Because, hey, Bruno Mars isn’t for everybody, you know?

After that, though, the numbers went in completely opposite directions. When Percy Harvin started the second half with a kickoff return touchdown, folks in Denver were like, screw this, if I’m going to watch somebody get screwed, it’s not going to be Peyton Manning. In Seattle, meanwhile, another 10% of people who hadn’t found the Super Bowl interesting enough to stop masturbating earlier suddenly decided to take a half-hour break and watch football.

Finally, when the game was completely out of hand at the start of the fourth quarter, the people in Denver really started “consoling” themselves. PornHub traffic there spiked nearly 20% above average. Meanwhile in Seattle, PornHub traffic didn’t dip again, but it did remain below average for an entire hour after the game while people celebrated.

Now, if only PornHub could provide a breakdown of what kind of porn people were watching…

Hat Tip – [TMZ Sports]

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