Richie Incognito’s Responds to Suspension Being Lifted by Voicing Support for Jonathan Martin


After 13 weeks, the Miami Dolphins and the NFL have finally lifted the suspension on Richie Incognito. However, this is only an administrative technicality that doesn’t mean a whole lot for his career. Incognito becomes an unrestricted free agent next month, and unless the Dolphins have done a complete 180, they will not be bringing the controversial lineman back. Thus, all this really means is that the guy will be free to find work elsewhere in the NFL.

Of course, that may be difficult. Recent revelations of text messages Jonathan Martin sent to Incognito suggest that this whole racist bullying thing may not be as simple as it once seemed, as Martin often dished it out as much as he received it. But Incognito has always been disliked around the league because of his dirty play, and any time a white guy drops the N-bomb—in any context—it’s a huge red flag.

Nevertheless, Incognito will certainly pursue opportunities, and right now he’s doing everything he can to rehabilitate his image. Case in point: this tweet in which he declares his support for the guy who got him in trouble.

richie incognito tweet

Now, I’m not saying Incognito isn’t really sympathetic to Martin. This sentiment may be 100% genuine. However, it’s also 100% good PR. Martin’s claim that he was bullied without mercy has been hurt by the release of his own vulgar text messages, which give Incognito the chance to look like the bigger man. And it seems as though he’s taking it.

Hat Tip – [Bleacher Report]

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