Justin Bieber Crashes Hockey Practice in Atlanta, Skates Around in Gold Chains and Skinny Jeans (Videos)

justin bieber playing hockey

When it comes to sports, it’s difficult to figure out Justin Bieber. Sometimes he goes to Raptors games wearing Raptors gear. Sometimes he goes to Lakers games wearing Lakers gear. Sometimes he goes to Heat games wearing Heat gear…and leather shirts. It’s hard to tell where his actual allegiances lie, or if he even has allegiances.

Here’s one thing we can be fairly certain of, though: Bieber likes hockey. He may be an out-of-control pop star on a downward spiral, but he’s also a Canadian, which means hockey is in his blood. And we’ve seen evidence of this time and time again, whether he was having a skate at a Maple Leafs practice, meeting Wayne Gretzky, or taking douchebag selfies with the Stanley Cup in the Blackhawks’ locker room.

Does Bieber love hockey more than weed and Xanax? That I cannot say. But he loves hockey. And that’s why, on Tuesday night in Atlanta, the Biebs just randomly dropped by a local hockey rink and crashed a club team’s practice.

Here’s how one witness described it:

“Two limos pulled up and Justin walked right out with his entourage. He skated a while and then said hey to a few of my friends. He was there for about an hour. Initially he was allowing people to take pictures of him but then he was like nah, and then got really annoyed at everyone and left.”

That’s totally understandable that he would be annoyed at people taking pictures. I mean, why on earth would they take pictures when one of the most famous pop stars in the world just shows up at hockey practice and starts skating around in his gold chains and skinny jeans, right?

Anyway, obviously there are videos of the Biebs’ hockey party. Here is one:

And here is another, courtesy of the man-child himself:

As for why Bieber was even in Atlanta, that’s anybody’s guess. Mine? I’d say he was in town so Usher could smack some god**mn sense into him.

Hat Tip – [Puck Daddy]

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