Marshawn Lynch Was Swigging Fireball and Spraying Dom Perignon During the Seahawks Super Bowl Parade (Video + GIFs)

Marshawn Lynch reaching for bottle of fireball

Yesterday, a reported 700,000 people lined the windy, below-freezing streets of downtown Seattle to take in the city’s first ever Super Bowl championship parade. Their beloved Seahawks wound their way through the streets on duck boats, waving to adoring fans, making their way to CenturyLink Field for the official victory celebration. One can only assume that everyone—players and fans alike—had an amazing time.

That being said, nobody had a better time than running back Marshawn Lynch. The guy never talks to the media, but he sure as hell knows how to party.

First, while riding along the downtown streets on the front of a duck boat, Lynch spotted a fan in the crowd with a bottle of Fireball. So obviously he pointed to the guy, got him to hand over the bottle of cinnamon-flavored whisky, and took a giant swig.

Then, when it was time for his introduction at the stadium, Lynch—presumably pretty sloshed by that point—strutted in like a boss, carrying a bottle of Dom Perignon and a Native American hand drum he got from some other fan.  (I kid you not. Read more about the drum here. Dude was asking for everything he saw, apparently.)

marshawn lynch swagger

And of course, once on the field, Marshawn went over and sprayed that $200 bottle of bubbly on Russell Wilson…and the Vince Lombardi Trophy.

marshawn lynch spraying russell wilson with champagne

Somebody cut this guy off!

Hat Tip – [Deadspin and Next Impulse Sports]

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