Some Stray Dogs Got onto the Cross-Country Course in Sochi and Barked at Some Skiers (Video)

stray dog barking at cross-country skiers

One of the biggest controversies in the lead-up to the 2014 Winter Olympics—and there have been plenty of controversies—has to do with the city’s excessive population of stray dogs.

Earlier this week, a pest control company came forward and claimed it has been killing stray dogs in Sochi for years, and that they now have a new contract from the government to ramp up their dog-slaying efforts during the Games. Of course Alexei Sorokin, the company’s director, likes to refer to it as “catching and disposing,” rather than slaying, but he’s not shy about what’s going on. He says the culling services are vital because thousands of stray dogs are roaming the streets, and some of them are even biting children.

Do you hear that? The dogs are biting the children! Please, Putin, save the children!

Okay, seriously though, the dogs are a problem, but those of us in the west who like dogs don’t want to see them “humanely” poisoned the death. So yeah, there’s some outrage, and people are working hard to come up with a non-lethal solution.

That being said, today there are probably a few people who were ready to just shoot the dogs—people like the cross country skiers who had to deal with a stray dog on the course…barking at them!

Take a look:

I am a dog lover, and the thought of killing thousands of dogs because nobody had the good sense to neuter them in the first place makes me sick. However, if I had worked my whole life to get to the Olympics only to have a godd**mn stray Russian dog get in my way while I’m competing? Yeah, I’d be pissed.

Hat Tip – [Fourth Place Medal and CBS News]

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