More #SochiProblems: Olympic Ring Malfunctions During Opening Ceremony (GIF)

olympics opening ceremony ring fail

The organizers at the Sochi Olympics have a lot of problems to worry about. There seems to be a serious shortage of doorknobs in the hotels, there’s water that will apparently melt your face, nobody thought to put bathroom stalls around all the toilets, stray dogs are interrupting events, and there are roaming murder squads out to catch and poison said dogs.

My point? It’s not likely that a little technical glitch at the Opening Ceremony is going to cause these people to lose a lot of sleep.

That being said, they probably wish that one little snowflake had blossomed into the fifth Olympic ring like it was supposed to.

sochi olympics opening ceremony fail

You might recall that the Vancouver Olympics experienced a similar technical glitch during their opening ceremony when a portion of the cauldron failed to rise up out of the floor.

Of course, Vancouver has plenty of working light bulbs and zero canine death camps, so…

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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