Was Mario Balotelli Crying on the AC Milan Bench Because of Racist Chants? (Videos)

mario balotelli crying

Italian soccer powerhouse AC Milan has had a rough year all-around. They currently sit right in the middle of the standings in 11th place, a whole 31 points out of first place.  And for a team used to contending for Champions League titles, that’s about as low as it gets.

It certainly looked as though superstar Mario Balotelli  hit rock bottom on Saturday night. After getting pulled from Milan’s game against third-place Napoli with 15 minutes remaining, the mercurial striker was seen crying his eyes out on the bench.

Take a look:

Most observers probably concluded that he was disappointed with yet another unsatisfactory performance and early hook. After all, we’ve certainly seen pro athletes cry about less, and Balotelli is Italian. However, theories quickly began circulating on the internet that Balotelli was actually brought to tears by racist chants from the crowd.

Sadly, such a rumor is extremely plausible. As we’ve seen time and time again, racism is a huge problem in European soccer. However, the good news here is that the rumor is probably not true.

Here is some fan footage shot while Balotelli was walking off the field on Saturday. You can hear what sounds like a monkey chant at the 0:08 mark. However, it sounds like it was one person in an entire sea of boos and whistles, and the chances that Balotelli heard this are minuscule.

Have a look and a listen for yourself:

The most likely reason Balotelli was crying? Because it sucks to play like crap, get pulled from a game early, and then get booed off the field.

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