27 Best #Sochiproblems Tweets and Memes

best sochiproblems tweets and memes

Last week, when members of the western media began to arrive Sochi and complain about the shabby state of their accommodations at the 2014 Winter Olympics, a 20-year-old journalism student from Ontario named Alex Broad thought of a great idea for a funny Twitter handle. Pretty soon @SochiProblems was born. Broad started collecting all the complaints and funny tweets all in one place, and almost overnight the kid had acquired 339K followers and started a meme. Now people with those little blue checkmarks next to their name are watching to see what he says, and “reputable” news sources are tweeting stories with the #sochiproblems hashtag.

What a world we live in, right?

Anyway,  in case you missed this whole thing blow up out of nowhere—and if you blinked, it was easy to miss—today we’re going to get you all caught up with this list of the best #sochiproblems tweets and memes anybody has seen so far. Most of them have been tweeted or retweeted by @SochiProblems at one point. However, in an attempt to make sure all the hilarious fails you’re about to see are legitimate and not just internet hoaxes (like these), I tracked down the original source of the tweets and confirmed that the people who issued them are actually in Sochi.



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