2014 Sochi Olympics: Olympian Bio Parody Mocks Olympic Bios…and Luge (Video)

luge mockumentary

With the 2014 Winter Olympics now moving along at full speed, by now we’ve probably all seen two or three (or eight) inspirational bio segments on various inspirational athletes.

You know the ones I’m talking about, right? Guy competes hard to honor the memory of his dead firefighter dog, or girl overcomes troubled past and polio to earn a chance at Olympic gold? The circumstances are always different, but the way the narrative plays out is the same: glimpse of where they are now, story of the obstacles they overcame, everything summed up into a neat little package.

Well, today we’ve got another one of these Olympic bio segments for you, and it’s just like all the others you’ve seen so far, except for one thing: it’s totally fake.

Oh, and it also makes fun of luge.

Take a look:

I especially like the 9/11 reference. Well played, Yahoo Screen. Well played.

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