Let’s All Watch Sexy Argentine Model Fiorella Castillo Juggle a Soccer Ball in High Heels (Video)

argentine model juggles soccer ball in high heels

Is your Tuesday off to a bit of a rocky start? Yeah me too. So you know what we need? We need to pick up our spirits with a video of a sexy Argentine model juggling a soccer ball in high heels. And it just so happens that we have one of those right here.

Meet Fiorella Castillo. According to the RuptlyTV YouTube channel, she is a 24-year-old supermodel, actress, and producer with a “knack for football.” A quick Google search suggests that supermodel is probably a bit of a stretch, but all the other stuff looks true enough—especially the thing about being good at football.

Here’s footage of Fiorella showing off her footy skills in public:

Here she is serving as the halftime entertainment at the Copa America futsal tournament in 2011:

Here she is displaying her juggling skills on a talk show:

And here she is displaying her juggling skills on another talk show:

RuptlyTV says “local media” are already comparing Fiorella to Paraguayan soccer fanatic Larissa Riquelme, which seems like another case of wishful thinking. But Fiorella is rather attractive. We’ll give them that.

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