2014 Sochi Olympics: Lebanese Olympian In Hot Water Over Topless Photo Shoot (Video + Pics)

Lebanon is one of the most liberal countries in the Middle East. However, they’re not quite topless photo shoot liberal. And for that reason, ridiculously hot alpine skier Jacky Chamoun has stirred quite a controversy in her home county.

Don’t get the wrong idea, though. Chamoun didn’t pose topless in Sochi during the Olympics. The photo shoot in question was for an Austrian calendar. It took place three years ago, and there was no actual nudity in the final product.

However, this week a behind-the-scenes video from that shoot surfaced on the internet. And in this video there most certainly is nudity. Mild, yes, but nudity all the same.

Prepare to be scandalized:

Now, there are a lot of people in Lebanon who do not think this is a big deal. However, there are also those who say Chamoun’s naked breasts are giving people the wrong idea about the country (that everyone there is insanely hot?) and thus, they are demanding that she be censured or dropped from the team.

For her part, Chamoun was defiant at first. Before the video surfaced, she told NBC that she enjoyed the photo shoot and does not regret it. However, after the video came out and the sh*tstorm back in Lebanon reached hurricane status, Chamoun issued a partial apology on Facebook:

“I just want to make it clear to everyone who commented, shared the photos that appeared on the net in Lebanon yesterday. Yes I did photos for an Austrian ski calendar with other professional athletes 3 years ago. The photos of the photoshoot are not like the actual images that are now circulating on the net. The video and photos that you are now seeing are part of the making off, the preparation, it wasn’t supposed to go public. Anyways, I want to apologize to all of you, I know that Lebanon is a conservative country and this is not the image that reflects our culture. I fully understand if you want to criticize this.”

In other words, she’s sorry, but not that sorry.

The Lebanese Olympic Committee is sorry but not that sorry, too. They’ve issued a statement explaining that, while the photos “do not reflect the real image of Lebanese sports…the offense did not take place during the preparations for the Games nor during the Games.” Thus, so far at least, Jacky isn’t going anywhere—though I think I speak for every man in every free nation on earth when I say, Jacky, if they give you a hard time in Lebanon, feel free to come here. We’ll treat you right.

Oh, and one last little bit of amazing trivia…

Did you see the photographer in the video? Did he look familiar to you? Well, if so, that’s because it’s Hubertus Von Hohenlohe, a.k.a. the Mexican alpine skier who will wear the mariachi ski suit, a.k.a. The Most Interesting Olympian in the World. In addition to being a skier, pop singer, and professional rich dude, Hubertus is also a photographer.

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]


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