Cristiano Ronaldo Got Hit in the Head With a Lighter by Some A-Hole Atletico Madrid Fan (GIF)

cristiano rolandlo hit by lighter

Look, I like to make fun of Cristiano Ronaldo. He’s an easy target, what with his greasy hair, diamond earrings, European carry-alls, crying, diving, and general all-around douchiness. But the guy is damn good at soccer and, somewhere deep down, he is a human being. You can boo him mercilessly or make fun of him on your blog because he’s a public figure who seeks out the limelight, but there are lines that should not be crossed.

Unfortunately, there’s at least one Atlético Madrid fan who doesn’t agree. And yesterday, after Real Madrid beat Atlético 2-0 in their Copa del Rey match, that one fan did something really, really stupid: he (or she…but probably he) threw a lighter at Ronaldo as he was walking off the field with teammate Sergio Ramos.

Take a look:

cristiano ronaldo hit by cigarette lighter thrown by fan

Fortunately, Ronaldo is going to be just fine. But this could have been really bad. If that thing had hit him in the eye, it could have done permanent damage and jeopardized his career.

Let’s just hope karma paid the sh*thead who threw the lighter a visit. And by “karma” I mean a hoard of angry Real Madrid fans.

Hat Tip – [The Big Lead]

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