Instagram Fail: Girl Mistakes Random Tall Dude for Dwight Howard Only to Have Real Dwight Howard Correct Her

fake dwight howard

When I was a kid, if you did something embarrassingly stupid, only the people present at the time knew about it. Sure, those people might go and tell other people, but the news was only going to spread so far. All the people at your school might know you thought kangaroos live in Austria, but your family and other acquaintances would never find out.

That’s not the case in the age of social media. Now if you do something embarrassingly stupid, everyone you know hears about it pretty much immediately. Then, if it’s really bad, it goes viral and the entire world hears about it.

And that brings me to Instagram user @_glossylipsss15. Three days ago this poor young girl posted a photo of her and her two sisters with a man they were led to believe was Houston Rockets superstar Dwight Howard. And naturally, like the kids do these days, she tagged the photo with #DwightHoward.

Unfortunately, the man they met, though very tall, was most definitely not Dwight Howard.

fake dwight howard instagram

Of course, having hundreds of strangers laugh at you is bad enough (and let me tell you, some of the people chiming in are huge assholes). But what’s worse in this case is that it was the real Dwight Howard who first brought the mix-up to poor @_glossylipsss15’s attention.

dwight howard instagram response


So the lesson, here? Be careful on social media. It’s really easy to look like an idiot.

Hat Tip – [Larry Brown Sports]

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