2014 Sochi Olympics: Chinese Speed Skater Wins Gold After Everyone Else Falls Down (GIF)

Short Track Speed Skating fall

You could make the argument that no gold medal at the Olympic Games is ever won with ease.  After all, these athletes train their entire lives for this moment, so even if they don’t face the stiffest of competition during their actual event, it still took a lot of hard work and sacrifice just to make it there.  So in some cases, describing someone’s gold medal win as “easy” could be considered a disservice to them.

But even with that being said, I’m still going to suggest that we will not see an easier gold medal victory at these 2014 Winter Games than the one captured by China’s Jianrou Li in the women’s short track 500 meter finals after the rest of the competition took a spill 20 seconds into the race.

Check it out:

Hat Tip – [Business Insider]

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