Richie Incognito Finally Breaks His Silence, Ripping Jonathan Martin in Epic Twitter Rant

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Whether or not Richie Incognito actually “bullied” former teammate Jonathan Martin—and the release of text messages sent by Martin punch some pretty big holes in that story—Incognito is still a hot head d-bag. It’s not like everyone in the NFL loved the big lug prior to this scandal. In fact, it’s probably because everyone already hated the guy that they were so willing to just throw him under the bus.

Of course, this is why Incognito’s behavior since the scandal broke has been so remarkable. The guy has kept his mouth shut for the most part, and when he has opened it he’s sounded calm and even thoughtful. First there was that interview with Jay Glazer where he was all gentle and contrite. Then just last week, after having his suspension lifted, he supposedly voiced his support for Martin. It’s all just so unlike him.

But the Twitter rant Incognito went on last night? Yeah, that was like him.

It all started innocently enough, mind you…

incognito twitter rant 1

But pretty soon, for the first time since this whole story broke, Incognito told the world how he really feels…

incognito twitter rant 2

incognito twitter rant 3

incognito twitter rant 4

incognito twitter rant 5

incognito twitter rant 6

incognito twitter rant 7

incognito twitter rant 8

So yeah, that’s what happens when Richie Incognito holds it all in. He eventually explodes on Twitter.

Later last night, after somebody got to Incognito and told him to shut the hell up, he released an “official” statement through’s Michael Silver:

“The facts clearly show the allegations are false and there was no bullying. Just banter both ways between two good friends. I intend to do as I always have: focus on doing the best job I can for my team and fans and helping my team win. I will have no other comment until the Wells report is issued.”

That Wells report, of course, refers to the conclusion of the independent investigation into the bullying allegations by lawyer Ted Wells. It’s expected to be released Thursday or Friday, and at this point it certainly seems like it’s going to clear Incognito.

But I guess Richie just couldn’t wait any longer.

Hat Tip – [Bleacher Report]

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