First Ever Female Running Back in Men’s Pro Football Makes Her Debut, Lives (Videos)

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Back in January, the Texas Revolution of the Indoor Football League signed a new running back to a try out, which normally would not be news. However, in this case it was news, because that running back was a 5’2″, 130-pound woman named Jennifer Welter. And obviously, if she actually made the team, she’d make a bit of history by becoming the first female running back in the history of pro football.

Well, on Saturday it happened. Welter made her debut with the Revolution in a 64-30 thrashing of the North Texas Crunch.

Did she do well? Absolutely she did…if by “do well,” you mean “avoid death.” However, if you mean, “did she rack up a bunch of yards or score any touchdowns,” the answer is of course not, no.

That has nothing to do with the fact that she’s a woman, mind you. If Welter were, say, six feet tall and 200 pounds, I’d say yes, give her a look. But five-two, one-thirty? Most of the guys playing arena ball did played for Division I programs. That means they are moderately athletic and, more importantly, huge. They can stop 5’2″ running backs in their sleep.

So here’s how the night went for Welter:

You certainly have to admire Welter’s courage. She ran head-first into battle, got hammered, and popped right back up. Obviously she’s tough as nails, and given that she’s played professional women’s football for years—real football, not the lingerie variety—she’s obviously a talented athlete.

That being said, this was obviously just a publicity stunt by the Revolution, and clearly it worked. Did you see the stands? There were at least fifty or sixty people at that game. What a turnout!

Hat Tip – [Fox Sports]

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