Philadelphia 76ers Honor Local High School Basketball Hero with Honorary Two-Day Contract (Video + Pic)

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The Philadelphia 76ers have had one hell of a terrible season. They currently boast the second-worst record in a conference where a team with a .490 winning percentage is in fifth place, which is pretty embarrassing.

However, you do have to tip your hat to the organization for one thing. Apparently they figured if they can’t win basketball games, they might as well make the day of a really special fan and give their other fans a warm fuzzy feeling. So that’s exactly what they did by signing local high school hoops hero Kevin Grow to a ceremonial two-day contract.

Why is Grow worthy of this honor by the Sixers? Well, the 18-year-old high school senior from Bensalem has Down syndrome, and for four years he served as the varsity basketball team’s manager. Earlier this month, however, Grow’s team decided to pay him back for all his support and hard work by getting him in a game.  And in just two minutes, the kid scored 14 points, including four three-pointers in a row.

After that, the Sixers decided they just had to do something to honor this kid who had inspired everyone around him. So they signed him to an honorary contract.

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As part of this contract, Grow will get to participate in pregame activities before the Sixers host the Cavaliers tonight, which entails dinner, his own locker, and of course, his own jersey. Then he’ll get to watch the pregame warm-ups, take part in the high-five tunnel, and stand with the guys during the National Anthem.

Of course, Grow won’t actually get into the game, because his contract is strictly honorary. However, let’s be honest here—he couldn’t really hurt the team at this point, could he?

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