American Hockey Hero T.J. Oshie Has a Fiancée, and She’s Insanely Hot (Gallery)

t.j. oshie fiancee lauren cosgrove

On Saturday morning, when Team USA’s men’s Olympic hockey game against Russia came down to a shootout, St. Louis Blues winger T.J. Oshie came through in the clutch. He netted four goals on six attempts against Sergei Bobrovsky—a.k.a. the guy who won the Vezina trophy last year as the NHL’s top netminder—and instantly became a household name.

Don’t get me wrong, Oshie has been a fan-favorite in St. Louis for years, and almost every NHL GM has coveted the 27-year-old. But until Saturday he was relatively unknown, and now Oshie is the biggest American star of the 2014 Winter Olympics so far.

Of course, no where is Oshie’s new star status more evident than on Twitter. The guy went from 90,000 followers before the game to over 241,000 now. And given how “dreamy” he is—so I’m told—one would have to assume that a sizable portion of Oshie’s new followers are female.

Unfortunately for them, though, T.J. is not on the market for a female companion. It turns out he is actually engaged to a woman named Lauren Cosgrove, and it just so happens that Lauren Cosgrove is really hot.

No, strike that. Cosgrove is not really hot. She’s ridiculously hot. Like, “soon to be more famous that T.J. Oshie” hot.

Don’t take my word for it, though. Behold:

We don’t know much about Oshie’s lovely fiancée. Apparently the two met three years ago while visiting friends in North Dakota (where Oshie played college hockey), and now Cosgrove is eight months pregnant with their first child. But that’s about it.

And here’s what else we know: we already have the #1 entry on next year’s list of hottest NHL WAGs.


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