2014 Sochi Olympics: Premature Celebration Nearly Costs Norwegian Biathlete a Gold Medal (GIF)

emile hegle svendsen olympic celebration fail

I’m going to assume you probably did not set up the old DVR to record the men’s 15k biathlon yesterday, and I don’t blame you. For 40 minutes you just watch guys ski and shoot, ski and shoot, ski and shoot. Then, if you’re lucky, for the last minute you’ll get to see a couple of guys race to the finish line, and that might be exciting. But it still is not quite worth the previous 40 minutes spent watching guys ski and shoot ad nauseam…usually.

Yesterday, however, it was close. I’m not saying I definitely would have watched the entire 42-minute men’s 15k biathlon race had I known it was going to end the way it did. But I might have, because the ending was pretty crazy.

With about 100 meters left to go in the race, Norway’s Emil Svendsen started pulling away from France’s Martin Fourcade. When Svendsen looked back just a few seconds before reaching the finish line, he determined that he had the race in the bag, so he took his foot off the gas and raised his hands in triumph like he’s Usain Bolt or something.

The only problem? Fourcade, who already has two gold medals in Sochi, didn’t give up. The Frenchman made one final desperation lunge to the finish line at the last possible moment. And thanks to the Norwegian’s premature celebration, both of them finished with a time of 42:29.1.

olympic celebration fail

So, after 15 kilometers and 42 minutes, a photo finish was needed to determine the winner of the race. Fortunately for the Norwegian, the winner in biathlon is the athlete whose boot crosses the finish line first, and the photos below clearly showed that his boot crossed first

Take a look:

photo finish men's biathlon sochi 2014

photo finish men's 15k biathlon sochi 2014

So Emil Svedsen got his gold medal, but only barely. Something tells me that will be the last time he ever celebrates before actually crossing the finish line.

Hat Tip – [Buzzfeed]

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