Carmelo Anthony Caught Red Handed Checking Out a Hot Fan in Memphis (Video)

carmelo anthony checks out hot fan

When you’re a really famous pro athlete—like, say, the reigning NBA scoring champion—you can’t do anything that doesn’t get noticed and dissected on sports blogs all over the web. Just ask Carmelo Anthony.

As Melo was walking off the court after suffering a 98-93 loss to the Grizzlies in Memphis, he walked by an attractive female fan sitting courtside, and that fan held out her hand for a high five. Anthony of course obliged, because he’s a good sport. But after that, when he’d passed her by, Melo did something every single human male on earth has done: he turned around to check her out.

Of course, when the rest of us do it, nobody notices. Or if they do, we don’t really care because we’re not on TV. But when Carmelo Anthony does it, somebody notices and puts it on Vine, and then a blogger comes along and writes a post about it. Like this.

Now, as you may know, Carmelo is a married man, so you might think this would get him in hot water with the missus. However, after nobly defending his wife’s honor last year in Boston when some of the Celtics were talking trash, I’d say he’s probably earned a few free passes with Lala.

Besides, what’s Carmelo supposed to do? He’s married, not dead.

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