Cuban Baseball Brawl Escalates Quickly When One Player Starts Swinging His Bat at Heads (Video)

epic cuban baseball brawl

Apparently Cuban baseball player Demis Valdes is a big fan of Hammurabi and his famous “code,” because during a recent baseball brawl this guy went all “eye for an eye” on an opposing player.

It all started, as so many baseball brawls do, with a pitcher being a bad sport after giving up a home run. On Monday night, Villa Clara pitcher Freddy Alvarez gave up a long ball to lead off the seventh inning of a game against Matanzas. Frustrated that his team was now in a 3-0 hole, Alvarez decided to express his emotions the only way he knew how: by drilling the next batter in the head.

Amazingly, Matanzas was willing to let that incident go, and cooler heads prevailed. However, when Alvarez threw at another guy’s head two batters later, well, that was it. Pretty much immediately, the aforementioned Demis Valdes charged out to the mound with a baseball bat and took a full swing at Alvarez.

Fortunately for everyone, Valdes missed and Alvarez’s brain did not get splattered all over the infield. But Demis was obviously thinking something along the lines of, you throw at my guy’s head, I swing at yours.

Take a look:

In the words of the immortal Ron Burgundy…

that escalated quickly

Hat Tip – [Bleacher Report]

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