Jimmy Kimmel Proves All Sports Look Gay in Slow Motion (Video)

jimmy kimmel slowed down sports

Last week a couple of American lugers at the 2014 Winter Olympics took umbrage at a Canadian anti-discrimination commercial that basically called doubles luge gay. Was the commercial funny? Definitely. However, it was also a bit silly, and one of the athletes in question theorized that any sport looks gay if you watch certain parts of it in slow motion.

Of course, leave it to Jimmy Kimmel to test that theory.

Last night the late-night comedian dedicated a small segment of his monologue to making fun of doubles luge for being pointless. However, after getting in a few good cracks, Kimmel came to the American lugers’ defense on the whole gay thing by proving that pretty much any sport does look gay in slow motion.

Take a look:

I’m not sure if the U.S. lugers feel better now, or worse. But hey, at least people are talking about their sport.


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