17 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Models Who Dated Athletes

sports illustrated swimsuit models who dated athletes

Everyone knows the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue has nothing to do with sports, and most of us are fine with that. I mean, you could try to make a connection by pointing out that the women are wearing swimming suits, and swimming is a sport, so really this is a magazine devoted to sports uniforms. But why bother? Do we really need a reason to look at stunning photographs of beautiful women in exotic locations?

Well, actually, my editor says yes we do, because this is a sports site. So here’s my reason for doing a list that features stunning photographs of beautiful women in exotic locations: lots of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit models have dated athletes over the years, and athletes have something to do with sports, so ergo, concordantly, these gorgeous women also must have something to do with sports.

That’s pretty sound logic, right?

Okay fine, it’s not. Here’s a list of SI Swimsuit models who have dated athletes anyway. Enjoy!

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