Watch This Lakers Fan Troll Dwight Howard During His Return to L.A. Last Night (Video)

dwight howard return to los angeles

In most cases, if a guy only played for a team for one year, his first trip back to that team’s home court wouldn’t be a big deal. However, with Dwight Howard and the Lakers it’s different. After a tumultuous year of whining and losing, Howard rejected a five-year contract from the Lakers worth $118 million to take a four-year contract with Houston worth $88 million—because apparently a team kissing your ass and telling you it can’t live without you is worth $30 million.

Of course, Lakers fans never really warmed up to Howard, so they weren’t particularly sad to see the prima donna go. But they do hate him now, and for that reason Howard’s first game against the Lakers in Los Angeles was a big deal.

So how did it go? Well, for the haters out there it was pretty amusing. The refs put his ego in check just two minutes into the game by giving him a technical foul for taunting, which was pretty sweet:

And then some random Lakers fan sitting down by the court trolled Howard pretty good as he was walking off the court for halftime:

Of course, it was Howard who had the last laugh. He notched 20 points and 13 rebounds, and the Rockets crushed the Lakers 134-108.

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